"Generous Portions" lyrics


"Generous Portions"

Over indulgence...
A pick me up for when I'm feeling down
A cold one with a line to face the day... okay
My dealers house is always on the way... I say...

Increases my potential for success
My potential for success

I'm undestructible...
Bathing in a sea of P.C.P.
Washing quaaludes down with '83 chablis... whoopie!
Make new friends with pots of mushroom tea... you'll see

Where the hell's my god dawn L.S.D.
Where's my god damn L.S.D.

I wake up morning, I need a lot of drugs
Anytime, anyplace, I need a lot of drugs
On the way to Sunday school, I need a lot of drugs
For any situation just get yourself a lot of drugs

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