"Born In The U.S.A." lyrics


"Born In The U.S.A."

Go fuck your system
I'd rather die
Than support your terrorist war
Leave it alone
You levy your tax
Deny me a job
Fucking cops harassing me
Just tell me why

Why why why

Capitalist lies
Fascist mom and dad
Identity is washed away
Bloodsucking state
Clinton equals Hitler
Money fans the flames
Idol worship like a sheep
Don't let them win
Don't use your brain
Everything's ok
Relax and watch tv
Have a nice day no

No no no

The human race is gone
Thanks to WW3
You gave your life for nothing son
Son of liberty die

Die die die

Don't let them win
Don't cast a vote
Don't live in silence
Don't put down your arms
Don't be a puppet
Don't choose their way
Don't feed the bears
Don't live their lie

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