"April 29th, 1992" lyrics


"April 29th, 1992"

Originally by Sublime

April 26th, 1942
There was a riot on the streets
Tell me where were you?
While you were sittin' home watchin' your TV
While I was participating in some anarchy
First spot we hit it was my liquor store
I finally got all that shit I can't afford
Red lights flashin', time to retire
And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire
Next stop we hit, it was the music shop,
It only took one brick to make the window drop
Finally we got our own P.A.
When two guys are holdin' hands I'd assume they are gay

When we returned to the pad to unload everything
It dawned on me that I could use a loveseat
So once again we filled the van 'til it was full
Since that day my living room's been much more comfortable
The man in the hood with the forty years
He's getting harder, and harder, and harder each and every year
Some kids went in a store with their mother
I saw her when she came out she was gottin' some Pampers
They said it was for the black man
They said it was for the mexican
But not for the white man
If you look at the streets, it wasn't about Rodney King
About this fucked up situation and fucked up police
Ooh, said I'm comin' on top and comin' on top
And screaming 187 on a big ol' cop
Show those paintings on the walls
Crabs are crawling on my balls

Wanna let it burn, wanna let it burn
It burns, it burns, it motherfuckin' burns
(Just when I pee)
Oh, half the moon's over Miami
Riots on the streets of Chicago
Riots on the streets of Long Beach
Mmm, San Francisco
Riots on the streets of Kansas City
Tuskaloosa, Alabama
Creveland, Ohio
Fountainberry, Texas, Paramount, Vista Buelle, and all these other
Shitty places that no one would ever wanna go to anyways, so you
Might as well burn them
Let it burn
Let it burn
(Mr. Burns)
Let it burn
(Mr. Burns, Mr. Burns)
Let it burn
Let it burn

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