"American Made" lyrics


"American Made"

Well I got myself a new car
Course it's 44 years old
It's currently not running
But it's worth it's weight in gold
It's colored prim(er)
But it's all min(er)
I paid 10 grand
For this tin can
Come payday she'll be runnin'

V8's milkshakes yee haw!
Fuzzy dice Jesus Christ yee haw

Well she's really lookin' good
Just sitting on my lawn
All I need is everything
It shouldn't take me long ha ha!
Maybe by summ(er)
I'll find a bump(er)
This piece of shit
It ain't worth it
I should have bought a datsun
No brakes shortcake yee haw!

You fucking idiot
You fucking idiot
You fucking idiot
You fucking idiot

Runs strong but not too long yee haw!
Flat tire now it's on fire yee haw

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