"Disciplined" lyrics



Give it up don't pass it down,
Pacifists who wear the crown,
Take a hit and come around,
Fly the flag sleep underground,
Underground the underground,
Entertainment is torture rewarded with orders,

Here we come with a master plan,
written by the hand of a little man,
Here we come in the red and black,
The pin is in the map we're told to take it back,
Trigger happy attitude,
Killers body bags and the propane blues,
Marshal law steps out of shot,
keep your finger on the trigger close Pandora's box

Here we come with the shit faced blues,
Running from the past that controls in you,
Here we come with the dragons eyes,
I'm bleeding in the river I'm destroying pride,
Coal pit mine strikes heritage,
Lost stinking black holes in the valleys head,
The tavern's shut in Salem's lot,
Done dealing with the devil drinking poisoned shots

Thanks to lewis for these lyrics

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