"Take It Back" lyrics


"Take It Back"

Assert yourself assert your mind
When you find yourself losing time
And wonder whether things look right
And you find yourself losing sight
Got to rely on myself
Cause there really no one else
There's nothing that you stole from me
That’s I didn’t give up willingly
Disown myself except a curse
And let myself be so immersed
Then lose myself in senseless sorrow
Lose myself in no tomorrow
Then smile awhile but no it’s wrong
for me to be forgone so long
Got to rely on myself
Cause there's really no one else
And all the shades of variation
Between escape and liberation
But I don’t question what I’m seeing
I’m confronting – I’m not fleeing
Got to learn to trust myself
Cause there's really no one else
You could keep my floating around
So my feet don’t touch the ground
And I thought i’d never come down
It was nice until I found
That I had to be unbound
Cause things were fucking my head around
And I was pushing it all away
And never thinking about the day
That I had to look inside
Cause there was no where else to hide
And I was wasting all my time
Losing all I thought was mine
And refusing to react
And ignoring all the facts
That anything you stole from me
I can always steal it back
I can always take it right back
I can always take it back
Everything you stole form me
I can always take it back
Take it right back now

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