"Head" lyrics



Self denial fall apart
Follow mind follow heart
When I talk I wanna scream
All I know and all I've seen
Self contains – so tightly packed
Once it’s loose no holding back
All I need is in my mind
And the walls will fall in time
After months of senseless sleeping
Things were moving I was creeping
And it felt like time was ending
All the staircases descending
Like a broken mirror image
Wondering what I have a heart for
Still waiting for departure
And the world just keeps a-moving
And they all juts keep a-marching
On the way towards there solution
On a walk without confusion
Just avoiding stalled existence
Way above all the nonsense
Till I saw that they were liars
And I looked up then to deceit
And the world juts kept a-creeping
Yeah the world just kept a-creeping

Thanks to john for these lyrics

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