"Washed Away" lyrics


"Washed Away"

Count the times when you've been afraid
Measure out all the choices made
And you're just like me

You give it once and they take it away
The supply is eternal or so they say
It's the god to which we pray

And we consume ourselves to sleep

And now I feel I'm turning
and our time keeps burning
Just like words we kept inside
until they washed away
So when we finally change our minds
and find there's no more time
Is our bitterness enough
to get us through the day

We're overcrowded and we're insecure
Heart rates and the temperatures keep rising
Each breath more desperate than the last

We don't speak
can't make a sound
No regrets just burn it down
and that's progress
It's called supply and demand

As we consume ourselves to sleep

And as the lights go dim around us
Is it finally dark enough to see
That the selfishness and dissipation
Have made a nonbeliever out of me
And now the cross we bear
Is nothing less than greed

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