"Regret" lyrics



Everything that isn't from my time and place
Just fades away
And I know it's only my perception
That clouds the things I want to hear you say
All the years of desperation
I'm like a child without the sense to dream
About a life of foolish pride
How can I illustrate
Annihilate it now

This is everything I am
But is it all you've ever grown to see inside
Like a broken mirror for my pride
And there's an emptiness I feel
And there's a silence to my dreams
These painful reveries
Still punctuate those tragedies I've seen

Nobody promised that I'd be down
It's like the savage side we've found
Conventions we've agreed to follow
Defined by safe obscurity
Applications balking at protest
We sequester and words divide
Would I resign if I broke your silence
And trampled myself down inside

And if I hold you in my dreams
How will I recognize your face
And your silent discontent
And will my heroes find me there
In another time and place
Will I regret the time we spent?
And all the symbols we've erased
Or the words we never traced

Thanks to Randy Vermette for these lyrics

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