"Our Better Nature" lyrics


"Our Better Nature"

Upon awakening we greet the spirit
dedication of our better natures
And through our souls we're reaching down
If you're defeated or feel deleted
all it takes is the smallest ounce of faith
Think of all the simple truths you've found

From the outside nothing's changed
Inwardly rearranged
Veil of the doubt now torn away
Refuse to live in this decay

Life at times can be frustrating
and hours pass commiserating
The worst incisions make no sound
To live in fear is like a prison
catatonic with indecision
And life escapes like shadows on the ground

From the outside nothing's changed
Inwardly rearranged
Disavow once known as true
Find courage to see it through
Veil of doubt now torn away
I will not live in this decay

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