"No Greater Fight" lyrics


"No Greater Fight"

It comes down to recognition
Still can't cover up inside
Neglect without admission
evidence of a rising tide
Got to make a change today
before it all just fades away
Denial, masquerades, half-truths
And all I wanna see is proof

Our moment's now and I think it's worth it
Because we're running out of time
No compromise or hesitation
Now that's reality defined

Each day consume and spend
headfirst into the end
Selfish just a little more
I see a world worth caring for
On the edge of genocide
no conscience left inside
Convenience obfuscates and pays
as we approach our final days

Because the cataclysm's on its way
And we're running out of things to say
For our children are the ones who'll pay
And our silence may be killing us
Prophecy's fulfilling us today

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