"Lame Duck Arsenal" lyrics


"Lame Duck Arsenal"

it's been a long eight years and still no end in sight to the paranoia and stagnation our worst fears taking flight over the atlantic in the frozen darkness before dawn and they never saw it coming so now our protagonist is gone and still we never question why and when we do there's no reply from the ones who have it all an outdated necessity to keep our country free too bad we're fresh out of enemies see how we look down our noses at other nations who try to keep their best for last while we've got silos full of the good stuff whose usefullness has passed with a hearty handshake and a gun to the dome we'll get nato to condone our peacekeeping missions of cold war nostalgia with nuclear back-up will it ever end? this thermonuclear nightmare disarm now what will it take? to wrest the power and control from the hands of a jaded few bittercold warriors and overzealous situation-room patriots might take it into his own hands to rekindle that old flame

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