"Grace And Virtue" lyrics


"Grace And Virtue"

Up on the hill beside the bells I hear ringing out
One thousand angels keep me safe inside
No static pill will match the depth of my horizon but
Your words mean everyone will rest in peace tonight

So may grace and virtue be upon you
With every breath we can see we're all the same
For you will burn for your lies
your ashes lifted to the skies
Where you fall just like you were rain

I've seen the fire heard the cries of the burning and
What makes the apparitions come and go
We'll see it fall as our world slows its turning round
Now wide awake but just an hour late this time

And now the days we've never passed
it's happening too fast
Today is not your fault you never could forget
Say it one more time
still following that line
Holding on too long
holding on too long
So may grace and virtue be upon you

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