"Contrition" lyrics



Taken alone a street numbered
nowhere away from the fires of home
Bagged and afraid one life in the
balance a family lies trembling alone
Laying in a place where time has no meaning
as marked by the chalk in the cell
Nobody speaks to questions unanswered
restrained and alone left to tell

So much for tentative displays of contrition
(never seen again)
Separated from the world we loved so well
(never again)
The word we loved so well
(this is the last time I'm ever alone)
No use in praying

Shacked in chains defiance remains
as the days stretch to torturous years
Witch each acrid dawn the world soldiers on
with the broken and driven to tears
I remember my soul running freely
away from these cages and lies
The smell of the air the laughter of children
keep one breath of hope left alive

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