"Black Bag Confidential" lyrics


"Black Bag Confidential"

conciliation breeds a fourth amendment funeral
with the paranoid seduced by circustance
the sycophants withdrawing even further
when systematically denied their final chance

somebody's following you home at night
and they're into what you throw away
bills and statements, date of birth, social security
it's all they need to buy your life away

and they're wide awake
they got wild, staring eyes
make no mistake
they will appropriate your lives
your lives
your happy, your selfish lives
your lives

so now you're relatively safe
in your suburbanite disguise
until you see a neighbor
he's got murder in his eyes

you can stand alone or fall
but the world still slips away
sequestered in your sterile homes
you keep the wolves at bay
the drones of wealth and power
bombard your frightened mind
keep your doors and windows
locked and barred
against the world

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