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She's got a heart, she don't use it. I got a hunch she don't know it's there. doesn't pay to know your feelings, not with what goes on around here. he's got a brain he don't deserve it, nail in his head and he won't know it's there. Pull it out he won't say thank you, no. That's just how it is around here. They come in from a night out, i turn the light out 'cause I don't wanna know what you do 'round here. She's got a way of bending over, drives him insane and he don't really care that it might not be on purpose, no. He don't need to ask around here. I just come and I go. I don't ask so I don't know. I don't understand true romance anymore. 'Round here's a nervous world bully boys and nasty girls, so in love that it hurts. I say, yeah right, she's like a shadow, walks behind him. He's like the grease she can't get out her hair. They're a pig with a greasy shadow and that's the best you'll do around here. They got their nose in the same detergent, they got their fists to show how much they care. I gotta stop and ask myself just how I ended up around here. She's got a heart, she don't want it. He's got a brain, he's sorry that it's there. If you're wondering how it got so bad, just take a look around around here.

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