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Spit in the wind to see if nowadays it lands on me. ‘Cause that’s what it use to do. But you never know, the way things have changed and wonderland has grown so strange, I might just land on you. I don’t know how my youth got spent. I only know that it went very far away and sometimes I think that yesterday should have never made room for today. There’s really no excuse. She answered kindness with abuse and I don’t understand, but I’m trying, and I’ll push it all aside remembering the nights I cried. It’s so hard to be a man, when lessons learned on a grade school laawn, so important are now so gone. Ignorance is leanred sometimes knowledge can replace concern. I never knew that things could go so wrong. Ah forget it, grow up and let it leave through the backdoor, like it came, ‘cause she’s knocking at the front door. What’s done is done, don’t change for no one. She’s moving daily while it’s the same. Shoot a dog it don’t bite no more, so let go. Now becomes then ad then now turns into then again, and it’s hard to be young when you feel like your and you’d swear you just began. Id’ like to say I understnd, but I’m not sure anybody really can. I can say don’t be so quick to act, you’ll learn your lessons, that’s a fact. Everybody does until what it is is what it was so don’t run it walk and keep the old days in your pocket ‘cause someday you’re gonna want them back.

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