"Secret Squirrel" lyrics


"Secret Squirrel"

She is a secret squirrel but she's not at liberty to talk about it. All you need to know is that she is watching us, undetected. Her tools are subterfuge and limitless patience and nerve. She keeps the world free with all the data she's collected. She tells Strategic Air Command all she finds, bouncing off a satellite. They put a transmitter in her fillings. Back in the forties, back when the Nazi hordes were trampling Europe, that's when it all began. She felt the need to help the home front. He was always drunk and she was all alone. She learned to watch the neighborhood for fascists. Learned to trust none. So she became the secret squirrel. She keeps an eye on her picture window world. There's not an inch of it unfamiliar. Now she's like a thousand years old, waiting for the phone not to ring. Waiting for a knock on the door or anything. Half a million pricks of a pin up and won the length of her spine. Seated at the window again, what's new this time. The little grey detective wipes her tired eyes. That's her disguise . Cause who'd believe a woman like that could save the world, secret squirrel. There is a monster there in the house across the street she just know it. Cause he don't mow his lawn. He leaves his trash cans out until Wednesday. Is he a communist or something even worse. She ought to call the FBI, the CIA, even AJ. She feels the chip inside her brain begin to buzz, sending out an SOS. Message received, keep up surveillance. No one seems to care anymore. She has to save the world on her own. Really she's afraid to admit she's all alone. Sitting with a cat on her lap, listening to the clock on the wall. Hoping something new will disturb her secret world. Secret squirrel.

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