"Roland Finn" lyrics


"Roland Finn"

He was a dirt simple boy. He had a limp, he had a lazy eye. He was twisted by birth. His dad said he should have died. Don't know what did it, genetic misprint, or mommy's selfish sin. I guess a little of both created Roland Finn. And all summer long I'd see him wading in his kiddie pool. He'd say, "Mom says next year I can go with you to public school." But every morning the bus would roll up and we'd all pile in. And all alone on his porch sat Roland Finn. And they make no medication to cool the burn of humiliation. So he didn't waste determination on someone else's world. A kid like that don't got the right. A kid like don't learn to fight. (get his head kicked in) Best thing to do, forget how to cry. But they'd watch to see that tear appear below his crippled eye. He'd cock his head and turn beet red like some mad perverted clown. Hyenas on a buffalo they'd drag big Roland down again. Sometimes I hated Roland Finn. And most afternoons I could see him waiting for my bus. So I'd rush to get off, kind of scared, but mostly furious. Was it bravery or was he crazy? He knew what they'd do to him. I guess he didn't want to believe he was Roland Finn. And, whether cowardice kindness, I grab his arm never look behind us and run to a place they'd never find us. Except they always did. Then too scared to say he was my friend, I'd watch them take him down again. (I was such a little kid) A laughing child is mom and dad's most joyful noise. But there ain't sound more hideous than laughing little boys to a nine year old who's told that he was born to be ashamed. And a friend like me so scared that he could learn to turn the blame on him. God I'm so sorry Roland Finn

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