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Just past the berkinstock county and the hare krishna belt, up where the bay’s been stained a stormy gray there lie the bloody swollen eyes and the brains that would like to melt, under the greenhouse roof of industry. It’s my duty to inform you, yeah man, I got to warn you, you’re gonna get it on ya. In Okaland California. The line to the methadone clinic looks like a broadway show. It’s good to know just where your taxes go. When the heat comes on they’d sell their mom for gas. So get me gone come on man, move your ass. For 20 minutes we was neck deep in it trying to brush the hard sell off, two nasty hookers with a nasty cough. Nearly wretched they was burnt and stretched from the heat up off the street. They said, "No wait and bare bones rate you can get us off our feet." The church lets out at eleven it’s the door to heavy by the 7-11. Just kati corner from the Pep Boys store. All finished being blessed on the day of rest, in their Sunday best. They stand out front, shake hands, talk small ignore the whores.

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