"Mob Style" lyrics


"Mob Style"

Midwestern winter froze my ears and broke my back. But I made the station, started limping towards the track. When we finally started moving I was sure that I was finally home. The world was shining in a coat of diamond ice. The weather man beside me, dishing out advice, said, "the wind chill here will kill you!" I pretended I was all alone. The sun was frozen, stuck in the sky, gave no heat, was God's own lie. Outside Chicago, not a second to react, the engineer he told the brakemen, "God there's someone on the track. Can't turn back. It's too late!" Dead still the weather man too time to speculate, "The track is frozen it can't take the engine's weight." Just one look outside my window saw the truth that he was wrong, dead wrong. No time to argue, too late to beg, a pair of frozen stone dead legs. A speeding locomotive doesn't worry, doesn't feel, carries life inside her belly offers death beneath her wheels of stone cold steel.

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