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He's a Cadillac. He know he runs on premium and high-test-osterone. you took my seat, give it back, then tell me who, who invited you to my island. She's a constant noise. She dreams of finding Jimmy Dean among the little boys. And now I'll give you a choice, leave or pay the fee, 'cause no one stays for free on my island. I'm feeling find. I'm comfortable. No pressure here, no push, no pull, they they roll up on full throttle and blow it all away. I built this island by myself and I drink to your health. Maybe I'll invite you out but not today. This wind is from the north, it's blowing through my hair. It reaches gale force and blows you over there. You know it's nothing personal, it's just that I don't care. I'm not in the mood to share. If it's okay I'd like to spend the day on my island.

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