"I Don't Mind" lyrics


"I Don't Mind"

Don't know what to say except I don't mind. No I don't mind that can't sleep before dawn anymore. Don't know how to prove it, but I'm alright. I don't cry. To tell the truth, I'm embarrassed. I'm not alright. Don't have the money to fix it. Tell someone familiar with it. Don't have the strength you ignore it. Big as God I can't ignore it. I don't know when it started I woke up sacred, so afraid, and now I can't think straight anymore. Too ashamed to tell her I'm not okay. I'm scared to death of everything in the world. I'm not making sense, I sound crazy. I'm not a poet, don't have words enough to show you what is like. I'm not a genius and I'm not smart enough to tell you how it feels. I'm not selfish. I don't expect the world to take the blame for me. I'm feeling naked I think I said too much. I'm not making sense I sound crazy I will be alright. Don't know what to say except I don't mind. No, I don't mind. No I don't.

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