"Head Cold" lyrics


"Head Cold"

I need a change of mind, need to get it right this time. I hope I can do it. I've finally faced the fact that my brain is sick, but my heart's intact. Tomorrow I'll get to it. Found it out then lost it all. Woke up this morning sick as a dog, wandered to the coffee pot couldn't smell, couldn't taste it, was stuck in the snot that jammed my head and pissed me off. It hurts when I think like it hurts when I cough. Hack it up, black as the coffee that boils in my cup, enough's enough, please talk to me she said "What's going on inside your head". I'm sorry I can't explain it, when I'm a raging bull it's just because my head's too full and I don't know how to drain it. A change of heart don't mean a change of mind. Believe me I've tried it and time after time it don't mean shit when the more that I take means the less that I get, the more I find the less I lose, too many directions which one should I choose to get me out of here. Clear my head, someone help me clear my head. 'Cause I don't know, but what I've been told and all the things I've read don't help me clear my head

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