"Halfway To Vegas" lyrics


"Halfway To Vegas"

She gave her pound of flesh to the handsome Dr. Liposuck. Senior picture in the mirror through nip and a tuck. And then he saw her right away he fell in love. He got out his gold card, the needed shove. The next thing they knew they're on the way to Vegas. He'd hit the jewelry store, a couple thousand for the rock. She said "wait until it's over I'll touch your…you know." She looked down, "Diamond fit me like a glove. Anything so lovely must be love." She sees the country club halfway to Vegas. Yeah, he sees forbidden love halfway to Vegas. He flipped the visor up to spread the sunshine all around. He could count her years in crows feet. He flipped it down. "Eyes so green like the money in his fold but he's wild as the desert and twice as old." True love will conquer all halfway to Vegas. Yeah they're gonna have a ball once they hit Vegas. One headlight looking evil in his rearview mirror. Around midnight, "Must be Satan, how'd he find me here? Something evil this way comes, here to watch me crash." So he let up on the gas and let the Devil pass. Turned up the radio, a romantic little tune while his angel lay asleep beneath the desert moon. Broken necked with her head against the door. Even heaven ain't romantic when angel's snoring. He's gonna fall apart halfway to Vegas. Pulled off so he could smoke and fart halfway to Vegas. She rolled the window down because she couldn't take the smell. Smelled like nervous armpit and Taco Bell. Pretend she's asleep just to sneak a peek at him. Put his finger to his nostril and shove it in. She gotta go, no way Las Vegas. Maybe another man another day Las Vegas. Yeah he turned the car around halfway to Vegas. Go away you evil desert town won't play Las Vegas.

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