"Habit Check" lyrics


"Habit Check"

Ray is hiding behind herself, she keeps repeating yeah, it's gonna be o.k. the opiates will leave her system someday, hopefully long before her poison water breaks, excuses, more excuses, reason to deny the truth, you're just like them, you're part of the system. yeah, you, you're another statistic, numbers on a welfare check, you can't deny you're just like them, fuck you, you're another statistic. yeah you, you're part of the system. Oh mary ellen, you lost more than your mind this time your baby waved bye-bye while you were out, crystal-meth in face, your little bobby was taken by the state, there goes your habit check and your child support and now your only income is sucking cock for crank. Well ray and mary allen, they gotta have these kids just to get out of Bremerton. Ray, she had a baby and then came C.P.S. Too little too preemie. This is a fucked up system, supports the addict, creates the victim. Mothers having kids like rabbits just to support their habits, 'til they lose their habit check and the child support, until their only income is sucking cock for dope

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