"Go Fuck Yourself" lyrics


"Go Fuck Yourself"

Runaway, get away, far from the truth. You never get a break. Ain't that a perfect excuse for acting tough? But enough is enough cause if I got it good then you ain't got it rough. Close your eyes and plug your ears and then you run your mouth say, "Fuck the girls! Kill the queers!" You're crystal, pistols and cigarette butts. Yeah you got the guns. But they got the guts. I don't care how your daddy slapped you around. I wasn't there I'm not allowed in your part of town. Do you hold your breath, suck your thumb? I'll bet you do. When they don't get their way your little buddies do it too. But you can hold your breath till you're bloated and blue. I won't lift a finger till you try something new. You found out streetwise don't mean smart when you got busted for using someone else's credit card. The next thirty days shooting hoops in the yard and then straight out of county doing blow and blowing hard. I don't car how many times your on TV. I refuse to believe you got it that much worse than me. And I don't want to know the cost of trying to protect you. Can't afford to pay that bill, so find somebody else. I don't want to diagnose the diseases that infect you I don't really care at all. So go fuck yourself. They, so you say, ain't who you hate. So maybe you can tell me why you make them so afraid of the hundred yards to the end of their block. They're too old to run and too scared to walk. You're pissed if I don't understand this ghetto definition of what it takes to be a man. Hell my mom can pull a trigger. Every cub scout has a knife. Takes a dick to make a baby, takes a man to take a life. I'm not here to tell anyone which how to hoe. Take one look at me any fool can see that I don' t know. But when you go down a third time for grand theft auto and assault, don't point your trigger finger straight at me like its my fault.

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