"Drum Monkey" lyrics


"Drum Monkey"

All wound up like a drum monkey. You say you've never really had that much to lose. Ain't that what you say? But you're all pissed off like a wet baby. Should be more careful how you choose the friends you use. Then what know you is then what owes you. When they turn away it throws you. How could they do a thing like that to you? Fifteen songs equal six a year, if you're too stoned to do the math, or too comfortable. But it's all my fault now that you're not here. I'm supposed to you knew. Cause that's what I told you. Rock star king of Bremerton. Somehow I think you got it all turned around, reversed. You're all backwards. Cause no one's impressed with booze and heroine, if you don't turn into a real rock star first. It ain't poetic to be pathetic. Don't want the job, just the credit. So is this how it has to end? You hate me now, we can't be friends. No Franny's pond, never again. Cause this is now and that was then. You're the one who changed, my friend.

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