"Day Late, Dollar Short" lyrics


"Day Late, Dollar Short"

The first of the month is the day that I sleep off the crap from the previous month, unfortunately numbers two back to one are just right for my hibernation. Here comes the landlady, she walks like a thug, quick hide the cat didn’t pay the deposit. Shove him in the oven. I was born to live life a day late and dollar short. The delivery room, "I can see his head, this kid’s coming up short." My family physician remarked to his nurse with a sarcastic smile and snort. "Yeah, you’re right doctor," was her only retort. Next month’s rent’s been spent, I don’t know where it went, ‘cause I was born to live life a day late and a dollar short. Today was the day I could pay all my bills checked my balance I came out ahead. Went out ot my car didn’t get very far ‘cause I noticed the tabs had gone dead. Who stole my bicycle, guess I’ll go back to bed. I was born to miss life.

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