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Last night I opened up my freezer for an ice cream sandwich. The only one that was left was freezer burned and stained with meat blood. I ate it anyway. It made me sick and I got angry. Back to the kitchen for some peanut butter toast. I can make things happen, all I got to do is hold on, hold on. I'll learn to love the weather, all I got to do is hold on. I'll make a million, all I got to do is hold on, hold on. I'll write a song I like if can just hold on. Turned on the TV, channel 36, Discovery Channel. There was a special on people lifting weights in prison. I wanted dinosaurs or polar bears or snakes or spiders. Picked up the clicker. Flipped to Jeopardy instead. I can make things happen all I got to do is hold, hold. I'll get some killer abs if I can just hold on. Someday I'm moving to Brazil, along the Rio Negro. They got pink dolphins that swim around and eat piranhas. And they got monkeys too, with Pete Rose hair that suck on turtle eggs. I'll get a big old hat and drink from a coconut. If I can hold on man I'm moving to Brazil.

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