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"Stop the car but don't get out. Don't you know you a tail light out and I can't let you drive around." Oh god I hate this town. "You're outta luck you owe me 40 bucks." But when they broke into my house you didn't give a fuck. Let me use your pen and I'll write you up. Hope the check don't bounce. I made a mistake, that's tomething I already know. You Joe Friday fake, it's somethiing I already know, so let me go or say something I don't already know. If you want to pick up where my parents let off you might want to find my birthday so you can get me something nice. It's written on your police car, your most important duties are to serve and protect us, does that mean driving around my neighborhood and writing tickets for the rest of your life. I don't got a crack pipe and I don't live a fast life and I enjoyed the lecture, can I go or are you gonna say something I don't already know (like who stole mikes's drums and my electric stapler?) I know you don't like my clothes but I don't wear a dress or pantyhose and that gun on your hip how can I get me one of those. I'll just protect myself. They broke into my house that's something you already know and you don't give a shit that's something I already know and I got a ticket that's something I already know. So let me go or say sometihng I don't already know.

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