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Angel, you're crawling home again, your raccoon makeup crawling down your cheeks. Angel, the devil is your friend. Your mind has grown as rotten as your teeth. Your life is dirty men and first shelf booze, bathroom crank and bad tattoos. Wasted seven Friday nights a week. Angel, it didn't have to be like this. You started out as pristine as your name. When your momma gave you your goodnight kiss, she'd have never guessed that you'd wind up insane. Before you became your momma's humiliation you had your junior choir and confirmation, long talks and walks down lover's lane. Said you'd forget this town and hop an eastbound train. He was six foot tall, his eyes were blue. Hung drywall, did some roofing too. Made sweet love to you behind the Bethel Tavern. And now Angel, here comes baby number three. Like your ma ain't done enough for one and two. When he threw up down on bended knee, your beer soaked mind thought he'd proposed to you. Of course he went away but you don't quit. You, WIC and ma can baby sit. Angel why do you do the things you do?

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