"Wonderful Toys" lyrics


"Wonderful Toys"

where have all those superheroes gone?
no they won’t come back never again
where are all my wonderful toys?
all around me just mean girls and boys
they beat me

I tried to save this planet
I tried to do something
but they don’t give a damn
they don’t give a fuck

I tried to be a hero
I tried to solve the problem
but they clipped my wings
before I learned to fly

I can hear you screaming my name
but I can’t help you boy
guess who’s to blame
they laugh and then they gave me paper crown
you should lead the way that’s what they say
lead us!

they gave me bag of rocks
and I should go to sea and drown
I’d climb the ladder to the top
but they would shoot me down
and when they need a superhero
they won’t let me know
they rather watch their country bleed
and cities falling down

I tried to save the planet
I tried to change the system
but they don’t give a damn
they don’t give a fuck

I tried to be a savior
I tried to solve the puzzle
but they pulled my strings
cause I am - all we are

their wonderful toys

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