"Optimus Prime" lyrics


"Optimus Prime"

you better choose your first priority right
you sold your heart and soul
you won’t sell your pride
fairy tales cheap sales don’t bullshit me

I don’t believe in Santa Claus
UFO’s and uniforms
I know very well the rain falls in drops; kills the flame
the view is clear from where I stand

did you ever really breathe?
did you ever fall too deep?
did you ever get stuck in a hole?
ever tried to take the fall?

time won’t last so take it slow
you just keep your open mouth
and stick your head into the ground

brainwashed by a TV screen
ignorant to punkrock scene
in your apathetic state of bliss
how many times have you hit and missed?

there is more than meets the eye
but you’re blindfolded you can’t see
my needs have to be satisfied
by flesh not a machine inside

Thanks to hericky for these lyrics

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