"Heaven / Purgatory / Vietnam" lyrics


"Heaven / Purgatory / Vietnam"

you built it up then you tear it down
burn it down to the ground!

it’s Vietnam 1974
hold your breath you better lock your door
join the army see the world they say
you better do it the American way

the enemy is near so watch your back
it’s aeroplane with an American flag
friendly fire! unexpected attack

what was so called Watergate affair?
I don’t know and I don’t care
but I know what has Nixon done
to the warfields of Vietnam
58.000 Santa-soldiers gone
Mr. President was that your goal?
”this is the price for the Vietnam war"
my ass! my ass!

cause rainbow is still in shadows
she’s standing on platform
waiting for train to come
rainbow is still in shadows
she’s standing on the platform
waiting whole night long

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