"Girl Songwriting 101 (More Than Fries)" lyrics


"Girl Songwriting 101 (More Than Fries)"

The first step is to see a hot chick
You gotta think that she's the one to pick
You stare at her tits and look into her eyes
Before you know it, you love her more than fries

You wanna ask her out but what would she say?
You hope and you pray she'll notice you one day
You see her walking by but you run and hide
You can't get up the nerve to swallow your pride

You see them, You want them
Can't have them, Write about them

She sits there all alone waiting for her friends
You have no balls so you sit at the other end
You go home and pick up your guitar
You write about how nice her sweet legs are

You know you can't have her so you write about her looks
You'll never forget how you felt when she walked past and shook
The next step is to see her, you think you're on your way
At this point you're infatuated but you still run away

Thanks to Shane Kramer for these lyrics

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