"I'm Just Spittin' Da Troof" lyrics


"I'm Just Spittin' Da Troof"

Every time I look at you I melt a little bit inside
And every day I spend with you is the next best day of my life
I love you, you know that I'm just crazy about you
I hope that it's not strange, I just can't see myself without you

Where has the time gone?
One day we were holding hands
Then we were kissing, and now it's wedding plans
It's just you and me and nothing else matters in this life
You know you'll always have me and I'll always have

You are the light that fills my life
For you I'd walk through hell and back, I swear it's true
I've got this feeling that this will never end
You'll always be there because you're my best friend
Best friends until the end

We've gotten older now, but we act like little kids
Club houses, secret handshakes, adventures in the woods
Back in the summer time, out on the empty street
A half hour to say goodbye, I was always so fucking late
You'd wait 'til I was out of site
You'd watch the entire way
So many memories
So many reasons I love you

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