"Horror In A Hospital" lyrics


"Horror In A Hospital"

I've been breaking every bone
inside my body
So it will be easier when crunch time comes
and I'm not ready
And I've been thickening my blood
so there'll be less mess to clean up
and now I'm so scared you don't want me any more
Horror in a hospital

But the fight is strong in this one
When you talk about it and you dream about it
The glory's gonna save you
This fight ain't gonna last much longer
Cause every day you're getting stronger
The glory's gonna save us all

And this disaster goes much deeper than before
Oh all the drama you get into when you're all alone
But if you told me then
What I'd be scared of now
I'd never believe a word
I'd never believe
Horror in a hospital


It's time to sink or swim
before your lungs cave in
And I've been wondering
just how this mess is gonna end

The fight is strong in this one
and it ain't gonna last all that long
The glory's gonna save you
The glory's gonna save us all


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