"Shrinky Drinks" lyrics


"Shrinky Drinks"

Last night I laid in bed and thought about it all
what was it that had made us fall
I don't regret anything that I said to you
the choice we made was something we already knew
and I'm finding...

Yesterday you know will never go away
it's best to leave behind
if we want to find ourselves some piece of mind

Yesterday was when we were happy
for tomorrow there is hope
but today is hard and lonely so it goes

I have to set what I want for us all aside
without that it would be a lie
I know inside now where I am that this is right
from here on out it will be hard I can't deny
and I'm finding...


And yes I am afraid, of what I can't foresee
will you still be there?
will you be the same, will those feeling change?
these thoughts I cannot bear

Do you stop to think about a
time when we were without doubt
when love was something new and so unknown?

Can we call ourselves just friends cause
why should this just have to end
and do you know why I must be alone?

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