"When Dreams Come True" lyrics


"When Dreams Come True"

She came from a poor home
On the wrong side of the river
Where she played out in the streets
And dreamed of better

He came from the farmland
Where he worked hard every day
Like a prince in shining armor
He came and took her away

And she never had to work
A day in her life
Everything she needed he provides
She was sweet 16
And he was 22
She'd never had a lover
And he had had a few

He had his heart broken
By a he called his wife
But in her he saw a new hope
A chance for a better life

And never did their love ever fade
And never have their hearts ever strayed
But today they sit in different rooms
In the same house
Watching different TVs

They hardly ever speak
They get together to sleep and eat
And I wonder, do they remember me?
Or am I just one of their dreams
That didn't work out?
I bet they'd given up on me by now

All they ever wanted out of life
Was a house and a car
And money in the bank
They worked hard
For such a long long time
But at last they got all of those things

So what do you do
When all of your dreams come true?

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