"The Road Goes On Forever" lyrics


"The Road Goes On Forever"

I've come such a long way to get to where I am today,
and I must admit I used to be more like one of my enemies.
And step by step my progress seemed so slow,
cause there was such a cold and lonely road
that most the while I travelled on my own
with no idea of where I was trying to go.

But we all had to go through so much shit,
and it's hard enough just to live through it
and not lose our hearts and our minds.
How are we supposed to see the light
at the end when we don't even know that it exists?
We need a lighthouse with the fire burning bright!

(People can change if given the opportunities,
that's why I say befriend your enemies.) [x2]

Befriend your enemies and strive to be as perfect as you can be.
Don't ever think that your journey's done.
Cause the road goes on forever,
and it's so much better if we stick together.
Look how far we have come.
Look how far we have come.

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