"Lightning Bolt" lyrics


"Lightning Bolt"

The best years of his life is what he gave to you.
Never late a day he's been faithful and so true,
putting out the tombstones and digging down the graves
for over thirty years now and I can't believe you have the nerve to say...

That now you're gonna have to cut his pay
cause one of your priests did such an awful thing.

Lightning bolt oh lightning bolt why won't you strike them down,
for what they did they deserve to be a black spot on the ground.
And if there is a god living up there in the clouds,
I can't imagine a better time to show his wrath than now.

Somehow these monsters all seem higher than the law.
They're not gonna see any punishment at all...

He didn't give a damn about your god or your church.
He was just an honest man looking for some honest work.
And in his little finger he's got more purity
than a whole church load full of your child molesting priests.

It seems that you're making him pay for the guilty sins.
Thirty years and that's the thanks he gets.

Well it's hard to imagine there could be a greater sin
than using your trust for abusing a kid.
As hard as it may seem, well I think that there is,
and you're committing it by protecting these old evil men.

And if there really is a judgement day
you're gonna have a whole lot to explain...

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