"Laziness Is Next To Evilness" lyrics


"Laziness Is Next To Evilness"

We're only sad because we've got too much free time
This emptiness just rots our minds
And this luxury comes from slavery in some far, far away place
If you want some sound advice
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go outside
Ride your bike or run and run
Until you clear your mind
Always think about the things you buy
And where they're from and how they're made
Always try to keep in mind
That you're privilege comes on the backs of slaves
Idle hands and idle minds are such a waste of blood
Someone died for your free time so dry your eyes and get up
Get up and take advantage of the things that you have
They feed us lies, they feed us poison
We should bite their hands
We are the children of evil men
Let's take the power that they gave us and turn it back on them
But most of all don't sit on your ass and say:
You're too sad or you're too crazy
Don't waste what you've got
No there's nothing worse than being lazy

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