"Keep It At Bay" lyrics


"Keep It At Bay"

Sometimes it’s hard to sing a bright song when the world outside's so dark
And it’s hard to keep our hopes when we know it’s gonna break our hearts
But sometimes when I’m singing and I’m singing with my friends
Well I feel like we are warriors, we are wizards, we will win

But outside the walls of this place
Someones given up on life they’re well beyond our voices range
When this night is through we got demons left to face
And we all do what we can do to keep them at bay

Now you can find a lover, you can make them your best friend,
You can lay in bed all day and you can kiss all over them
Then the world outside will shimmer, the world outside will shine
Every song that you hear sung will be beautiful and bright

But the stray cats will still be starving
And the bodies will still be falling into graves
And the darkness will be waiting out there in the shadows
We all do what we can do to keep it at bay

Or you can get a job and you can lose yourself in work
You can buy the things you want say “my boss is such a jerk”
And then you can pretend you got it all under control
You can work hard every week and on the weekend you let go.

But you’ll feel that monster in the closet,
And you will know that it is gonna come for you one day
So you can turn up your tv, you can pour yourself a drink
We all do what we can do, to keep it at bay

Tonight I will sing as loud as I can
Keep away, keep away, keep away, keep away
For tonight we will fight, and tonight we will win,
We will keep the darkness at bay
We will keep the darkness at bay

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