"House On Wheels" lyrics


"House On Wheels"

The first time that I lived in a car.
I bought it for $30.
It was a little Ford Escort.
I slept in the parking lot of the park.
We tried not to drain my batteries,
remembered to pull out the key,
before I fell asleep with the radio on.
The worst part about living in a car,
is how hot it gets when the sun comes up.
And you can't stretch your legs out very far.
I would wake up every day with my knees in pain.
I would turn the key and hope that it would start.
And then my friend moved in with me.
We were happy as sardines.
He had a job as a playground supervisor,
but he only worked an hour a day.
I'd drop him off,
then I'd kill some time shoplifting at the mall.
We both had our ways of bringing home the pay.
But winter was on the way.
And we were getting too big for our tiny little tank.
So we found a place to live.
We signed a lease and joined the army of the walking dead that pay rent.
The next time that I lived in a car,
I bought it from a cemetary.
It used to carry coffins right up to their graves.
And it became a home to me,
sleeping on the near west streets,
and I could stretch my legs out all the way.
It was cold. It was cold.
But I loved it when it snowed,
because the snow covered up all the windows.
And no one would know that that wagon was my home.
I could sleep in peace with the ghosts.
I traded in,
so that I could get a van.
Because if you're gonna play in a punk rock band,
well someone's always gotta buy the van.
That was fine by me,
because it seemed like, compared to living in a car,
a van was going to be a mansion.
And the van became my home,
for about two years or so.
I lived happy.
I lived rent free.
The day I give up, I know where I'll end up.
That van's in front of my house waiting for me.

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