"House On Fire" lyrics


"House On Fire"

I hope my house burns down
I hope my cat gets out
The rest of my stuff, it can all burn up
and I will never think about it again

I'll just go travelin'
I'll stay with my friends
I'll sleep on the couch, and I'll help out
around their house

I am caged
I am changed
We're all slaves to the things we hold

I hope our gas runs out
I hope everything shuts down
Then we can hear the sounds, that used to be around
Before we started making this noise
I'd like to give something else a chance
To fill the world up with their trash
Then we could relax
We could go back to the way we were before

We lost our souls
We lost our homes
We all know that there's something wrong
We know we are owned by our own liberties
We know that we are helplessly hungry with our greed
We know it hasn't always been like this
And we know, we're a long way from home
We can feel it in our bones
That eating secret wish
That this would end

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