"House Of The Undying" lyrics


"House Of The Undying"

This whole house is full of flies.
Dirty dishes piled so high.
But it won't do any good to leave a note.
When you get to this point, there ain't no hope.
It's best to let it go.
The lease is bound to run out soon,
or you can find someone to take your room.
You can try your luck in some place new.
With some other punks that are more like you.
Do what you need to do.
But it's bound to end the same:
a failure to communicate.
And the chore wheel never spins.
It's hard to believe that we were friends
when we all moved in.
At night the mice they eat our food.
They cover everything in poo.
And the cat doesn't seem to care.
The couch is covered in his hair.
There's always someone sleeping there.
No one ever said that it would be easy:
trying to live more like we live in a community.
Yeah, we could see what it would be like if we all lived on our own.
Work all the time just to pay our rent so we can live alone, I don't think so.
No one has a front door key.
Come on in, don't mind the fleas.
Keep the cat in and keep the cops out.
If it's yellow leave it mellow, if it's brown please flush it down.
Someone's practicing downstairs.
Someone's cutting off their hair,
and it's bound to clog the sink.
It's so loud that I can't think,
but I'm singing along.
The dumpster bagels are getting hard.
Let's make a fire in the backyard.
I heard that someone's coming to stay.
No one knows them but that's okay,
I'm sure that they are great.
And the basement's full tonight.
Someone's hanging from the pipes.
The empty bottles left behind,
prove the band must have been alright.
We all had a good time.
We made this mess this mess made us,
just like a song we sang along.
Our changing faces are pinned up next to the fliers on the wall.
And when we're gone we know someone will take our place.
This house will never die, this house will never change.
This house will never die, no, this house will never change.

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