"House Of The God Of War" lyrics


"House Of The God Of War"

Okay, I might be full of hatred, but I ain't no god of war
I'll pack my bags when I can't take it anymore
Let them come, let their towers rise
Let them choke our streets, let them block our skies
I will be so far away I'll go
looking for some greener home
I'll dig a deep dark dreadful hole
And I will throw my memories away
And never will I ever come to visit their grave

I was a young adventurer that found a secret land
I made a map of it on the back of my hand
And the days were long and they were gold
And the nights told secrets never to be told

Now the sun doesn't rise as high these days
They burn witches at the stake
And when the last of the magic fades
I will go, I will go again
I will find another home or I will die trying

And maybe it's just me, I know
Maybe I just got too old
Or maybe I refused to grow
But the ghosts here, they can't be wrong
They hear my laments and they always sing along

They say things have got much worse
Greed's a gruesome curse
It's covering the earth
You can lock yourself inside
You can hide yourself in lies
Or forget what came before
Or start saying your prayers to the god of war

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