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I wish they would've let you on that, Greyhound bus
I wish the driver didn't think that, you were drunk
And I wish you came all the way from California
To leave that message on my wall
I wish you would have bought that can of spray paint
I like to try and guess what color you would have picked
I wish you would have left that message big and bold on my wall
I wish I wish I wish
I wish when I came home that September
With my mind a mess and my tail between my legs
That my headlights would have light up that message you left me
I would have turned the car around and drove away
I would drive all the way back to California
And meet you on that place we planned to meet
I would not have complained
I would have asked you to explain
I would have known that you were looking out for me
And i think about how different things might be
If you would have been able to leave that message for me
Would you have saved me from my sorrow
Would you have saved me from myself
Could I have saved you from your misery
Could I have been of help
Would we be in California or
Would we be somewhere else
But we will never know, no well never know
Because they wouldn't let you on that fucking Greyhound bus
We never made it to Indiana,
because they wouldn't let you on
You never got a chance to write those words
Alas Babylon.

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