"Gone Gone Gone" lyrics


"Gone Gone Gone"

My favorite theater,
Has been torn to the ground.
The restaurant that's been here fifty years,
Was forced to close its doors.
The woods I loved so dearly,
Have been logged to the ground.
The fields I rode my horses in,
Are now a sub-division.

And they're all gone, gone, gone [x3]
They're all gone, they're all gone, they're all gone

My best friend has moved away,
And some of my best animal friends have passed away.
And I know things have to change,
But sometimes it's just so hard.

And it's so hard, hard, hard [x3]
And it's so hard, it's so hard, it's so hard

I will try to remain positive.
There is still a lot of good things going on.
I know my friends and family,
Will be here for me.

And they are here, here, here [x3]
They are here; they are here; they are here [x2]

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